The Global Market for Graphene to 2024


August 2014 | 202 pages | Table of contents

The global market for graphene continues to grow, with weekly technology and production breakthroughs, new investment and public listings of graphene producers. Driven by demand from markets where advanced materials are required, graphene promises to outstrip all current nanomaterials, especially in electronics and energy storage applications. Other markets graphene is impacting include aerospace, automotive, coatings and paints, communications, sensors, solar, oil, and lubricants. This fully updated 185 page report (50 extra pages from previous edition) is the most comprehensive guide to graphene available. Contents include:
  • Profiles of all graphene producers
  • Industry activity and breakthroughs by market 2013-2014
  • Production volumes
  • Target market revenues
  • Interviews with key industry players
  • Products and product integration
  • Assessment of markets graphene will impact.

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Graphene: The Global Market to 2024


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