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Nanotech Magazine the world's leading nanotech business magazine. Published monthly, the magazine focuses on nanotechnology and nanomaterials industry activities and products. Each month, Nanotech Magazine features include:

  • In-depth articles on markets nanotechnology and nanomaterials are impacting
  • Government nanotechnology and nanomaterials policy news worldwide
  • Latest global nanomaterials regulatory initiatives 
  • Current business and commercialization activities in nanotechnology
  • Contributions from key industry figures in nanotech
  • Latest products.













ISSUE 28 (August 2014)  
Water is the main cause of lost function in electronic devices. Nanocoatings are providing the first line of defence in what is likely to becoming an increasingly crowded market place for waterproofing consumer electronics.
SWNTs finally ready for the mass market?
After more than two decade of considerable research efforts, carbon nanotube (CNT) products are coming to the market. Recent production advances will accelerate the adoption of single-walled carbon nanotubes in consumer electronics applications. 
Silver nanowires are, with carbon nanotubes and graphene, one of the leading candidates for transparent conductors in next generation flexible electronics.
All the latest nanotech business news from July-August 2014

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ISSUE 27 (July 2014)  

QUANTUM DOTS IN DISPLAYS: The global market for quantum dots will grow significantly in the next 18 months, especially in displays for mobile electronics and LCD-TVs. This has been helped by production improvements and recent regulatory initiatives. We look at these markets and also cover product developers and recent industry developments. 

CARBON NANOTUBES: Facing stiff competition from it’s 2-D cousins. We look at the current market and outlook for these materials, including production, recent industry developments, competing materials and carbon nanotubes application in displays and batteries.  

NANOTECH BUSINESS NEWS: Latest industry developments in nanotech from June-July 2014.

WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN: Tech briefs on significant research developments and how they will translate into future products. 

NANOTECH POLICY NEWS: All the latest government nanomaterials policy & regulation news including meeting reports, international agreements and national initiatives in nanotech. 


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Nanotech Magazine Issue 27

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ISSUE 26 (April 2014)  
Sameer Chouksey from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India looks at the Li-ion battery market and nanotech’s impact.
Research and development in self-healing nanocoatings has increased greatly in the past decade. An-indepth look at products, future commercial development and research in this market.
Possessing unique optical properties, gold nanoparticles have been used in biomedical and diagnostics applications for a number of years. We profile applications and leading producers in this market. 

Nanotech Magazine Issue 26

Issue 26


Issue 25 (April 2014)  

Issue 25: Plasma nanocoatings, graphene in healthcare, applications for latest research, business and policy news, new products

  • Interactions on the edge: Directing interactions at interfaces provides incredible opportunities to create entirely new products for almost every industry. Industry outlook from Aeonclad Coatings. 
  • Graphene in healthcare: Latest developments in drug delivery, medical device coatings, wound care and biosensors.
  • Latest nanotech business news.
  • Government policy.
  • Nanomaterials regulation.
  • Latest nanotech products on the market.


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Issue 24 (March 2014)  

Issue 24: Nanoparticle titanium dioxide producers, nanocoatings in transportation

  • Titanium dioxide nanoparticles: 10 of the current leading producers and products. 
  • Nanocoatings in transportation: Commercialization activities in the automotive, aviation and marine sectors. 
  • Latest nanotech business news.
  • Government policy.
  • Nanomaterials regulation.
  • Latest nanotech products on the market.


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Nanotech Magazine Issue 24


Issue 23 (February 2014)  

Issue 23: Nanobatteries, nano silica, carbon nanotubes

  • Nanomaterials in Li-ion batteries: The energy storage market is expected to grow to over $125 billion on the next ten years.
  • Nanosilica: Current applications.
  • Carbon nanotubes: 10 of the current leading applications. 
  • Latest nanotech business news.
  • Government policy.
  • Nanomaterials regulation.
  • Latest nanotech products on the market.


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Nanotech Magazine Issue 23


Issue 22 (January 2014)  

 Issue 22: Nanocellulose, graphene, nanoparticle zinc oxide

  • Cellulose nanocrystals:  Guest article from Alberta Technology Innovates   
  • Success in graphene:  5 keys to success in graphene from leading producers
  • Zinc oxide nanoparticles: 10 of the current leading producers.
  • Latest nanotech business news.
  • Government policy.
  • Nanomaterials regulation.
  • Latest nanotech products on the market.


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NanotechMag Issue 22


Issue 21 (December 2013)  


Issue 21: Graphene end of year review

  • Graphene-Fact or fiction?: Guest article from Vorbeck Materials.
  • Graphene-The new wonder material: Guest article from Haydale.    
  • Graphene commercialization: Graphene in products.
  • Anti-corrosion nanocoatings: Markets and applications.   
  • Latest nanotech business news.
  • Government policy.
  • Nanomaterials regulation.
  • Latest nanotech products on the market.


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Nanotech Magazine Issue 21


Issue 20 (November 2013)  

 Issue 20: Graphene, nanomicelles, automotive nanocoatings

  • Graphene production: Guest article from Graphene Frontiers
  • Nanobioclean: Green Earth Nano Science Inc. outlines the use of colloidal chemistry in their range of products.    
  • Automotive nanocoatings: Market and producers.
  • Latest nanotech business news.
  • Government policy.
  • Nanomaterials regulation.
  • Latest nanotech products on the market.


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Issue 20


Issue 19 (October 2013)  

Issue 19: Nanocoatings, marine nanotech, nanomedicine

  • Photocatalytic nanocoatings: Market and outlook
  • Nanocoatings: New strategies and growing markets. 
  • Marine: Nanotech in the marine and boat industry.
  • Nanomedicine: Nanotech in the biomedical and life sciences industry.
  • Tools: Nanocoatings in the industrial tools and machinery sector.
  • Latest nanotech business news.
  • Government policy.
  • Nanomaterials regulation.
  • Latest nanotech products on the market.


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Issue 19


Issue 18 (September 2013)  

Issue 18: Smartphones, graphene, biotech

  • Nanotech in smartphones: Market and outlook.
  • GrapheneGraphene in the electronics market. 
  • Interview: Interview with Grapenea.
  • Nanobiotech: Leading nanotech companies in the biomedical and life sciences industry.
  • Nanomaterials: Focus on germanane.
  • Latest nanotech business news.
  • Government policy.
  • Nanomaterials regulation.
  • Latest nanotech products on the market.


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Issue 17 (August 2013)  

 Issue 17: Hottest 100 products in nanotech

  • Featuring the hottest 100 nanotech products in: Consumer goods, medicine, plastics, automotive, security, aerospace, oil & gas, construction, electronics etc. 


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Nanotech Hot 100+



Issue 16 (April 2013)  

Issue 16: Hottest 100 products in nanotech

  • Featuring the hottest 100 nanotech companies in: Graphene, Nanocellulose, carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, metal oxide nanoparticles,energy, nanocoatings, electronics and medicine. 


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Nanotech Hot 100


Issue 15 (March 2013)  

issue 15

Issue 15: Quantum dots, nanofood, nanomagnetics

  • Quantum dots: Quantum dots are beginning to find market traction as optical component lasers, backlights for LCD displays, LED lighting, and photovoltaics. 
  • Nanofood:  The food industry has already incorporated nanomaterials into its products and production processes, from packaging to coatings and additives. 
  • Nanomagnetics:  Magnetic nanomaterials have been developed for a wide range of exciting new applications from magnetic media in electronics to next generation biomedical imaging and delivery. 
  • Nanowires: Nanowires are impacting the next generation of electronic devices, biosensors and solar energy technology. 
  • Market profile: Magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles.
  • Latest nanotech business news.
  • Government policy.
  • Nanomaterials regulation.
  • Latest nanotech products on the market.

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Nanotech Magazine Issue 15


Issue 14 (February 2013)  

screen shot 2013-02-26 at 21.40.58
Issue 14: Oil and gas, nanosensors, dendrimers, nanohorns, nanotech in construction
  • NANOTECH IN THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRIES: As fossil fuels deplete and oil and gas companies have to dig deeper and in more extreme environments, the need for advance materials with new capabilities is required. Nanomaterials are beginning to meet this need.
  • NANOTUBE SENSORS: Nanosensor technology could significantly out-perform current commercial detection devices by up to a 1,000 fold. CNTs are excellent functional materials for the development of advanced sensors. We profile the leading application developers. 
  • DENDRIMERS: As with carbon nanotubes, their industrial impact is not at the stage originally anticipated. However, dendrimers will have a major impact on the medical and sensors market and niche application in a raft of other sectors. 
  • CARBON NANOHORNS: First discovered in 1999, like Carbon Nanotubes they exhibit the same graphitic carbon structure and are now being produced in large quantities. 
  • NANOTECH IN CEMENT: There is a need to create high strength and strain concrete and cement products by using new composite materials with superior properties to existing materials. The emergence of nanotechnology applications in concrete and cement is relatively recent and most developments are still in the early commercialization process.

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Nanotech Magazine Issue 14


Issue 13 (January 2013)    
screen shot 2013-02-05 at 14.25.47

Issue 13: Nanotubes, regulation, AFM probes, Nano in South Korea

  • Carbon Nanotubes: Markets and Future Prospects
  • Nanomaterials Regulation Worldwide 
  • The Market for Nanoscale Precipitated calcium carbonate
  • AFM Probes: Market and Companies
  • Nanotechnology in South Korea


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Nanotech Magazine Issue 13


Issue 12 (December 2012)  
screen shot 2012-12-21 at 18.37.29
Issue 12:Graphene
GRAPHENE: Graphene has moved swiftly from the research laboratory to the marketplace, driven by demand from aerospace, automotive, coatings, electronics, energy storage, coatings and paints, communications, sensor, solar, oil, and lubricant sectors. 
SPECIALTY OPTICAL FIBERS: Specialty optical fibers are playing an increasingly leading role in new applications and improved processes in the defence and security, sensing, automotive, shipbuilding and biomedicine industries. 
SILICENE: The equivalent of graphene for silicon, i.e. a monolayer of silicon in a honeycomb structure, silicene displays potential for application in nanoelectronics, sensors and hydrogen storage.
GRAPHDIYNE: Focus on a new 2-dimensional carbon allotrope that is the subject of increasing research interest due tots promising electronic, optical, and mechanical properties that are distinct from graphene or carbon nanotubes. 
GRAPHANE: A look at a material first theorized in 2006 as a derivative of graphene, graphane (also referred to as hydrogenated graphene) is an extended two-dimensional 
material consisting of a single layer of fully saturated carbon atoms.

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Issue 12



Issue 11 (November 2012)  
Issue 11:Graphene, nanopcc, 2-D nanomaterials
NEWTECH AGAINST CORROSION: Paolo Alessi from Nanto Protective Coatings offers an insight into the anti-corrosion coatings market.
NANOCELLULOSE PRODUCTION IN FRANCE: We look at a pilot nanocellulose that has been established in France with a 
capacity of 100 kg/day of NFC or MFC. 
NANOPCC: Nanoscale PPC (NPCC), also known as ultrafine PCC, displays a number of unique properties compared to PCC 
and is finding application as a functional filler and extender in plastic compounds. 
MOLYBDENUM DISULFIDE: A potential new wonder material for the electronics industry, both as an alternative to, and 
perfect partner for graphene. 
NANOFIBERS: A look at some of the up and coming nanofibers producers and application developers currently driving the 
Antimony tin oxide nanopowders.

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Nanotech Magazine Issue 11



Issue 10 (October 2012)  
Issue 10: Nanotextiles, nanoparticle zinc oxide, nano in the UK
NANOTEXTILES: Nanotechnology is allowing for textiles with ground breaking new properties from UV-protection to drug 
NANO ZINC OXIDE: Profiles of 7 of the leading zinc oxide nanopowder producers.
NANOALUMINA: Profiling growing nano alumina production market, which is finding application in energy, paints, coatings 
and filtration markets.
NANOTECH READY FOR TAKE OFF: A look at nanotech in the aerospace and aviation industries where coatings, composites and propulsion nanotechnologies are already in use.
NANOTECHNOLOGY IN THE UNITED KINGDOM: Left behind by its European counterparts, a new Graphene centre could help revitalize the ailing UK nano sector.

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Nanotech Magazine Issue 10



Issue 9 (September 2012)  
Issue 9: Nanotextiles, nanoparticle zinc oxide, nano in the UK
NANOCOMPOSITES IN CEMENT. How nanomaterials are driving the new generation of cement products.
NANOADHESIVES. A rarely publicised application area for nanomaterials but one which could have important implications for a variety of markets.
NANOCOATINGS. A look at nanomaterials currently being applied to a wide variety of surfaces with multi-functional 
properties inside and outside buildings.
ANTI-FINGERPRINT COATINGS. Profiles of some of the leading anti-fingerprint application developers, impacting both 
household surfaces and especially consumer electronics and displays.
NANOINSULATION. A special feature on the market and players in aerogels.

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Nanotech Magazine Issue 9



Issue 8 (October 2012)  
Issue 8: Security, photonics, solar
NANOSECURITY. How nanomaterials are driving the next generation of anti-counterfeiting and product security 
NANOPHOTONICS. Profiles of 7 of the leading nanophotonics application developers.
NANOFIBERS. Profiling the growing nanofibers market, allowing for new developments in batteries, electronics, 
medicine and filtration. 
STORM CELL. An industry perspective on a new portable solar powered energy generation system, the “Storm Cell” has been developed by Institute for NanoEnergy (INE) at the University 
of Houston.
NANOTECHNOLOGY IN GERMANY. A special feature on Europe’s leading country for nanotechnology funding and 

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Issue 7   
Issue 7: Environment & toxicology
GOING GREEN WITH NANOTECH: How nanomaterials are driving the new generation of air purification technologies.
NANOCELLULOSE: Profiles of 7 of the leading nanocellulose producers in this exciting new materials market.
NANOTOXICOLOGY-A COMPLEX ISSUE: Dr. Eleonore Frohlich from LKH-Univ.Klinikum Graz looks at the latest issues 
surrounding nanomaterials and toxicology.
CATALYSTS: Focus on the types of nanomaterials currently being commerically applied to catalysts for clean energy and 
industrial processing applications.
NANOTECHNOLOGY IN RUSSIA: A special feature on the heavily funded and commercially orientated Russian national 
nanotechnology initiative. 

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Issue 6 (June 2012)  
Issue 6: Nanomaterials, regulation & toxicology
SAFE FROM HARM? Understanding the challenge of nanomaterials toxicology by Andrew Dean from Spartan Nano.
GRAPHENE. We take a look at current and future applications of this wonder material
NANOZIRCONIA. Nanostructured Zirconia is finding application in engineering materials, barrier coatings, technical ceramics, sensors, catalysts and fuel cells. Elsa Antunes, Nuno Neves and João Calado present InnovNano’s Emulsion Detonation Synthesis method.
REGULATIONS. The EU Definition of Nanomaterials – Perspectives from Europe and America. NanoSight, leading manufacturers of unique nanoparticle characterization technology, offers the latest news and views on the EU 
definition on nanomaterials.
NANOTOXICOLOGY. Current progress and future perspectives in toxicology of nanomaterials.
Cerium oxide nanopowders.

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Issue 5 (May 2012)  
Issue 5: Drug delivery, sol-gel nanocoatings, batteries
NANO DRUG DELIVERY. Hitting the target. All the latest nanotechnology enabled targeted medical therapies.
SOL-GEL COATINGS. Profiles of 7 of the leading sol-gel nanocoatings application developers in this fast growing market.
NANO BATTERIES. A look at how nanotechnology is driving innovation in battery technology.
FULLERENES. Focus on producers and market applications. 
NANOTECH IN INDIA. A guide to the Indian NanoMission national nanotechnology initiative.

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Issue 4 (April 2012)  
Issue 4: Nanotubes in aerospace, implants, cosmetics and personal care
NANOTUBES Ready for blast off.... We look at one of the world’s leading nanotube producers, Nanocomp Technologies Inc., and how they are developing practical applications for these materials.
NANOIMPLANTS. Worth between $15-$23 billion, the world market for medical implants is huge and the next generation 
of products are relying greatly on nanomaterials.
NANOCARE. Focus on how nanomaterials are leading to new and enhanced products in the cosmetics and personal care 
NANOCOMPOSITE COATINGS. Dr. Juan-Pablo Bravo Vasquez outlines how nanocomposite coatings are making an impact 
across a variety of industries.
CLEAR BLUE NANOTECH. A guide to the latest nanotechnology developments for water treatment and remediation.
NANOTECHNOLOGY POLICY IN TAIWAN. A look at Taiwan’s National Nanotechnology Program, now in its second phase.
Titanium Dioxide Nanopowders.

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Issue 3 (March 2012)  
Issue 4: Nanosilver, regulations, wind energy, nano in China, nanoglass
NANOSILVER. All that glitters.... We look at this much discussed and misunderstood market.
REGULATING NANOTECH. Regulatory bodies worldwide are currently working on various frameworks that cover the use of 
nanomaterials. We examine these initiatives. 
WIND TURBINES. Focus on how nanomaterials are leading to new technological developments in the fast-growing wind 
turbine blade industry.
PACKAGING. Focus on nanotechnology in the packaging sector. 
NANOCELLULOSE. A relative newcomer in the materials arena, nanocellulose is being investigated for applications in 
packaging, medicine, composites, transport and electronics.
NANOTECHNOLOGY POLICY IN CHINA. A guide to the latest nanotechnology initiatives from the world’s fastest growing 
nanotech player.
NANO GLASS. A look at how nanomaterials are ushering in a new generation of water and dirt-resistant glass coatings.

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Issue 2 (February 2012)  
Issue 2: Quantum dots, solar, military
QUANTUM DOTS. Lighting the Way. We look at the main producers and players.
NANO SOLAR. How nanotechnology is driving the next generation of solar energy technologies.
NANO ARMY. A look at how nanotechnology is driving innovation in the military and defense sector from improved 
soldier survivability to advanced materials for equipment and weapons.
NANO HOUSE. Focus on nanotechnology in the construction and architecture sector. 
CLEANING UP WITH NANOTECH. Focus on nanotechnology in the cleantech sector. 
NANOTECH IN THE UNITED STATES. A guide to the latest nanotechnology initiatives from the world’s leading nanotech player.
ANTI-CORROSION. A look at how anti-corrosion and wear resistant nanocoatings are being applied to a wide range of 
industries including oil and gas and manufacturing machinery.
DIGESTED NANOMARKET: zinc oxide nanopowders.
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Issue 1 (January 2012)  
Issue 1: Graphene, nanoelectronics
GRAPHENE. The new wonder material? We look at the main producers and players.
LIGHT SPEEDS. How nanotechnology is driving the next generation of electronics and computing.
DISPLAY TECH. Nanotech-enabled next generation displays for consumer electronics.
FRESH IDEAS. A look at how nanotechnology is driving innovation in the consumer products sector.
AUTONANO. Focus on nanotechnology in the volatile automotive industry.
NANOTECH IN JAPAN. A guide to the latest nanotechnology initiatives from Asia’s leading nanotech player.

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