The Global Market for Nanocoatings to 2024
















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Nanomaterials are leading to innovations in coating and surface technologies and the industry has shown substantial growth over the last few year. In the coating sector, high transparency, new functionalities and high-quality performance are increasingly important requirements. The key element that nanostructured coatings provide however is protection-from ice, pollutant, UV, fire, heat, bacteria, marine life, touch and corrosion. These factors cost global industry billions in maintenance, loss and downtime each year and can pose a significant public health hazard. For example, direct corrosion costs account for 3-4% of a country’s GDP worldwide. Nanocoatings can significantly increase the cost/benefit ratio of products, providing cost effective solutions and improved performances. Moreover, nanomaterials lead to new functionalities, completely innovative characteristics and the possibility to achieve multifunctional coatings and smart coatings.


Nanomaterials utilized in coatings and films including graphene, carbon nanotubes, nano-SiO2, nano silver, nano-TiO2, nano-ZnO, dendrimers etc.

• Market structure and revenues

• Key end user markets including energy, aerospace, automotive, textiles, biomedical, marine, exteriors, interiors, electronics & optics

• Over 200 company profiles 



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The Global Market for Nanocoatings to 2024



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