Issue 68: Anti-Icing and De-Icing Coatings.


Published June 2021, 25 pages

This month’s issue focuses on the market for Anti-Icing and De-Icing Coatings. Earlier this year record-low temperatures caused significant issues due to ice accumulation at energy infrastructure facilities in Texas. Developing coatings to mitigate the inconvenience and damage caused by ice accumulation on surfaces is a potential billion-dollar industry, not to mention the billions of dollars the use of advanced ice resistant coatings saves. There are a number of innovative companies developing solutions, profiled in this issue.
Also covered in this month’s issue is the continued large funding for nanotech and graphene companies and projects, latest product news, prominent research news in markets such as batteries, packaging, plastics, filters, biosensors and antimicrobial coatings.

In this issue:

  • Latest nanotech investments, commercial agreements and rounds of finance. May-June 2021.
  • The market for ice resistant coatings and nanocoatings.
  • Nanotech product and business news May-June 2021. including:
    • Nanodiamonds.
    • Nanodiagnostics.
    • Nano delivery stystems.
    • Quantum dot microLEDs.
    • Battery nanocoatings.
    • Nanocellulose investment.
    • Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT) for batteries.
    • Quantum processor based on carbon nanotubes.
    • Antiviral nano surface coating technology.
    • Nanoclay edible food wrapping.
    • Black phosphorus coatings.
  • Graphene product and business news May-June 2021. including:
    • graphene bioelectronic therapies.
    • graphene lubricants.
    • graphene filters.
    • graphene plastic additives.
    • graphene membranes.
    • graphene fibers.
    • graphene fuel additives.


Nanotech Magazine Issue 68
Nanotech Magazine Issue 68
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