Issue 59, The Market for Shape Memory Materials


Issue 59, September-October 2019, 21 pages

The main nanotech markets, graphene and quantum dots, continue to receive heavy investment and funding. Products that have come to the market over the past few months include marine coatings, anti-counterfeiting, solar panels and new TV and display products. Samsung has announced plans to invest $11 billion in QD technology and QD producers have recently received multi-million dollar funding.
This month we also cover the fascinating shape memory materials market. Shape memory materials are a widely-investigated class of smart materials capable of changing from one predetermined shape to another in response to a stimulus. These materials are already used in biomedical, consumer products, electronics, construction, robotics, aerospace and automotive industries. However, they generally go under the radar of new technologies, which will likely change in the coming years.

In this issue

  • New nanotech commercial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance, September-October 2019.
  • New nanotech products, September-October 2019.
  • New graphene products, September-October 2019.
  • Global nanomaterials regulations and policy news, September-October 2019.
  • Market focus on shape memory materials.
  • Large investment in boron nitride nanotubes.
  • Funding for graphene batteries.
  • Investment in electroluminescent quantum dot light emitting diode (EL-QLED) device technology.
  • Developing advanced therapies for burns, chronic ulcers and surgical wounds.
  • Carbon nanotubes for durable solar panels.
  • Carbon nanotubes in ski equipment.
  • Improving the strength of glass with nanotech.
  • Quantum dot anti-counterfeiting solution.
  • Samsung Display¬† to invest a 13.1 trillion won ($11 billion) in Quantum Dot (QD) displays.
  • De-icing nano thermal coatings.
  • Graphene in anti-corrosion coatings.
  • Graphene in aerospace applications.
  • Graphene tires.