Issue 24: aerogels


Published April 2021, 23 pages

Pg. 6 Graphene aerogels

Graphene aerogel are promising materials due to properties such as high mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, thermal resistance, and adsorption capacity. We cover the market in depth in this issue.

Pg. 12 Latest graphene investments, commercial agreements and rounds of finance, February-March 2021.

Pg. 14 Latest graphene product news, February-March 2021.

Also in this issue:

  • Graphene dispersion solution with excellent fluidity and electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Graphene concrete.
  • Graphene quantum dots and silica for LEDs.
  • Graphene nanoplatelet sealants.
  • Graphene sensors.
  • Graphene footwear.
  • Graphene-enhanced supercapacitors.
  • Wide-spectrum image sensors.
  • Graphene golf balls.
  • Graphene energy news, February-March 2021.
  • Graphene healthcare news, February-March 2021.



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