Issue 27


Published November 2021

Inside the issue

  • Latest graphene investments, commercial agreements and rounds of finance, October-November 2021.
  • Latest graphene product news, industrial collaborations and commercial agreements, October-November 2021.
    • Graphene lithium-sulfur battery for electric vehicles.
    • Graphene polyethylene (HDPE) sheet extrusions.
    • CVD graphene production.
    • Graphene thermoset and thermoplastic applications.
    • Graphene sensors.
    • Graphene wetsuits.
    • Graphene power banks.
    • Graphene water filtration membranes.
  • Latest graphene battery product news, October-November 2021..
    • Graphene battery manufacturing facilities.
    • Graphene aluminium-ion battery production.
    • Graphene conductive additive for silicon anode materials
  • Latest graphene coatings product news, October-November 2021.
    • Graphene-based smart coating for satellites,
    • ¬†Graphene coating to prevent ice accretion.
    • Graphene coatings to be used in conjunction with photocatalysts.
    • Graphene oxide membrane coatings for water filtration.
  • Latest graphene textiles product news, October-November 2021..
      • Graphene thermal and moisture management properties in garments.
      • Graphene trail shoes.
      • Graphene heated textiles.

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Issue 27
Issue 27
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