Issue 55: Metal-Organic Frameworks


Metal-Organic Frameworks

Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are highly ordered crystalline materials composed of organic ligands and inorganic metals or metal-oxo units to produce highly ordered, 3D structures. They possess excellent chemical and physical properties and can be assembled from a variety of metals and a large number of organic linkers, opening up a wide range of applications. A number of start-ups are bringing Metal-Organic Frameworks products to the market and multi-national chemirturcal producers are also becoming increasingly interested in these materials. In this issue we look at the latest applications, products and companies.


In this issue

  • The market for Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs).
  • Latest innovations in nanotechnology in the Automotive Sector.
  • New nanotech commercial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance, November-December 2018.
  • New nanotech products, November-December 2018.
  • New graphene products, November-December 2018.
  • Global nanomaterials regulations and policy news, November-December 2018.
  • Also in this issue: Graphene Nanotubes, Manufacturing Low Cost Nanomaterials, Goodfellow materials, HZO coatings and more.


Issue 55, December 2018, 30 pages