Issue 26, September-October 2021


Published October 2021

Inside this issue

  • Latest graphene investments, commercial agreements and rounds of finance, September-October 2021.
  • Latest graphene product news, industrial collaborations and commercial agreements, September-October 2021.
    • Graphene in road surfaces
    • 2D materials for adhesives.
    • Graphene-based products for the defence, automotive and aerospace.
    • Graphene concrete.
    • Laser-synthesized graphene-like materials for high volume production of synthetic RNA for drug manufacturing.
    • Graphene in polyurethane foams.
    • Graphene nanotubes.
    • Graphene bedding.
    • Graphene energy harvesting.
  • Latest graphene battery product news, September-October 2021.
    • Graphene supercapacitors for self-powered medical implants.
    • Graphene Battery technology in consumer electronics and electric vehicles.
    • Lithium-sulphur batteries.
  • Latest graphene coatings product news, September-October 2021.
    • Marine coatings.
    • Antimicrobial coatings.
    • Textile coatings.
  • Latest graphene composites product news, September-October 2021.
    • Graphene products in raw and recycled polymer nanocomposites and dispersion
    • Polymer-derived, graphene-reinforced ceramic matrix composites (CMC).
    • Aerospace structures.


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