Issue 58, Perovskite quantum dots markets and applications


Issue 58, July 2019, 22 pages

The market for nanomaterials continues to grow, in part driven by their ability to meet challenges for biofriendly and sustainable products. This month there are numerous product developments in renewable energy, oil spillage clean-up, fast charging batteries for electric vehicles and environmentally friendly packaging.
Perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) are coming to commercial prominence due to their excellent photophysical properties, low heavy metal content and low cost fabrication in comparison to conventional quantum dots. In depth analysis is provided on their properties, synthesis, production, applications, challenges and recent commercial activity from prominent producers.
Also covered in this issue are the latest nanotech investments, commercial agreements and rounds of finance; new nanotech and graphene products and production and nanomaterials regulatory developments.

In this issue

  • New nanotech commercial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance, June-July 2019.
  • New nanotech products, June-July 2019.
  • New graphene products, June-July 2019.
  • Global nanomaterials regulations and policy news, June-July 2019.
  • Perovskite quantum dots markets and applications.
  • Nanomaterials-based anti-counterfeiting products.
  • Nanomaterials in wound care.
  • Graphene quantum dots in biomedical applications.
  • Recent graphene developments in the automotive sector.
  • Single-walled carbon nanotubes production.
  • Carbon nanotubes based fat charging batteries.
  • Carbon nanotubes water filtration.
  • Nanocellulose products.