Issue 62, July 2020: Nanodiamonds-markets and players, recent COVID-19 nanotech developments, latest nanotech product news, latest graphene product news


Published July 8 2020, 21 pages

Issue 62 of Nanotech magazine continues our analysis of recent nanotech based responses to COVID-19 mitigation. We cover commercial activity in filters, face masks, diagnostics, anti-viral coatings, mask validation tech, biosensors and vaccines.

Also covered is the growing market for nanodiamonds, which find application in personal care products (sunscreens, anti-aging products), biomedicine (drug delivery and therapeutics, anti-virals and anti-bacterials), coatings, composites, electronics, energy storage, lubricants and sensors. We analyse nanodiamonds types, applications and producers.

Also in this month’s issue, latest nanotech products and graphene commercial activities.


P. 4-10 Nanodiamonds

  • Properties
  • Types
  • Applications
  • Company activity.

P.10-13 Recent nanotech COVID-19 product and research news

  • Nano-coated filters.
  • Bio-photonic nanochips for detection.
  • Graphene in face masks to enhance personal protective equipment.
  • Composite inks for COVID-19.
  • Security markers to medical face masks.
  • Magnetic nanoparticles for diagnostics.
  • Rapid, point-of-care diagnostic tests.
  • S-layer vaccines.
  • Portable COVID-19 diagnostic test based on nanosensors.

P. 14-17  Nanotech research and product news

  • Nanocages for the nuclear industry.
  • Solar-powered nanoparticle systems.
  • Oil-in-water nanoemulsion technology.
  • PLGA nanoparticles.
  • Nanotech for enhanced oil and gas recovery.
  • Carbon nanotubes for Li-Ion battery cathodes and anodes.
  • Quantum dot agricultural products.
  • Nanoptics for security.
  • Quantum dot wearable patches.

P. 18-21 Graphene product and production news

  • 2D materials in aerospace engine systems.
  • Latest graphene production.
  • Graphene concrete.
  • Graphehe conductive inks.
  • Graphene for roads.
  • Graphene motorbikes.
  • Graphene lubricants.
  • Graphene antibacterial products.


Issue 62
Issue 62
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