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Future Markets, Inc. produced the first ever market report on graphene in 2010 and has constantly tracked the market since. We also publish the industry focused Graphene Magazine.

Graphene exhibits a unique combination of mechanical, thermal, electronic and optical properties that provide opportunities for new innovation in flexible displays, transistors, photosensors, RFID tags, solar cells, secondary batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, conductive inks, EMI shielding, heat insulation, anti-oxidation and LEDs across multiple industries including consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, medicine, energy, 3D printing, polymer composites, wireless technology, filtration and coatings.

The industry is moving fast, especially in Asia. Graphene is enabling new product innovations and reshaping market dynamics especially in electronics and energy storage. It is therefore imperative to keep abreast of latest developments and commercial activities.

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